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Looking for an exact step-by-step plan for getting from where you are, to where you want to be? The Badass Business Blueprint is exactly that! Personalized just for you and your business, Jin will outline the exact tools you need.

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"You have to build the life you're dreaming of. Think of all of your priorities, your passions, your family, whatever it is, and create a work life that enables you to have those things in abundance."


About Jin & CYNL

Jin aka "The Business Model" is based in Los Angeles and has spent the last six years traveling the world, utilizing social media to run her business as a full-time, freelance model; a lifelong (secret) dream of hers. Until that is the day she woke up a broke and unemployed college grad and realized:

"The only one holding me back from my dreams - is me!"

A month later she moved to Los Angeles and has been a full-time model ever since. Jin uses her social media to inspire others to chase their own dreams.

Late 2017 Jin decided to take it a step further, and so Create Your Next Level was born! Designed to empower others with the confidence, tools, and know how to create the badass business (& life) you desire, Jin hopes to show others how to achieve their own goals through simplified social media marketing.

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