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Welcome to your very own Badass Business Blueprint!

A personalized, 12 part, step-by-step assessment diving deep in to your current online presence and outlining the exact tools, resources, and action steps you need to take in order to create your next level!

Whether you are just starting out as a creative entrepreneur, or are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just plane fed-up with marketing yourself in our modern, digital world, with your very own Badass Business Blueprint we'll be doing a thorough audit of your entire business, and outlining not only where you are, but also the tools, resources, and action steps you need to simplify your marketing efforts and take you to were you want to be!

Each part of this 12 step assessment is designed to build off the last, rebuilding your badass biz from the foundation up, and covering 12 key areas you must master in order to effectively market yourself in our increasingly saturated online space.

We'll be building your brand, boosting your biz, and simplifying your social media - all through my trademark style of "Mindset Marketing" which brings you not just the tools, but the mindset you need to accomplish your dreams!

"I loved Jin's down-to-earth, straightforward way of teaching. Her enthusiasm... shines through in every lesson. I came away with a long list of things to do that I know will help to grow my business."

Sandy Huntress
Sandy's Sewin'

"I highly recommend Jin's services if you are looking to brand your business and/or take it to the next level! Creativity at it's best - Thank you Jin!"

Natalie Dreml
Re/Max Stage List SOLD

"Jin is thorough, knowledgable, and most importantly - POSITIVE! She def showed me how to make social media less of a chore/fear."

Lucy Marie
Lucy Smith Illustration

These 12 essential steps are broken in to 3 specific phases:

1. Foundation Building - If you wanna grow tall, you have to root deep!

2. Content Creation - and Automation! Saving you time, while increasing your results!

3. Advertising & Growth - To keep that amazing momentum going!

Every Badass Business Blueprint starts with a one-on-one with multiple global brand builder and creative entrepreneur since 2012, Jin aka yours truly, to go over your goals, your strengths, your struggles, and the amazing story behind your badass biz. From there I'll be doing my in-depth assessment, providing business development, marketing, and brand consultation, as well as providing the tools and resources, and the essential action steps to take in each phase to make your marketing more effect, simple, and even (*gasp!*) a wee bit fun!


As part of your personalized Badass Business Blueprint you'll receive both the video recording of the real-time assessment,  as well as the step-by-step pdf I'll be creating along the way.

We're not talking just some cliché branding tips here.
This is a completely customized, step-by-step, educational, simplified, action oriented plan created just for you and the goals you have for you and your badass biz.

In your personalized BBB get ready to go over:

1. Your Goals - For you and for your biz!
2. The Brand - Let's bring it to life!
3. Ideal Client - Who are they?
4. Ideal Platforms - Where do we find them?
(Step 4 also known as "Social Media 101!")

5. Website - From woeful to WOW!
6. Web Copy - Writing in a way that sells
7. Content Creation - How to create (& automate!) your content!
8. Video Content - Stepping in to the 21st century.

9. Email Marketing - Still a marketing powerhouse!
10. List Growth & Opt Ins - Keep those sign ups coming!
11. Paid Advertising - When, where, and how much!
12. Recap & Final Tips - And any special last bits from me to you.

Want to see a BBB in action?

Take a quick look at some highlights of the Badass Business Blueprint created for the amazing Rise Barre Studio in Santa Fe, NM!

* Are you tired of spending all your time online?

* Do you feel overwhelmed or fed up with marketing yourself constantly?

* Are you just not seeing the results you and your badass business deserve?


Then I've got just one last question for you.


Are you ready to get started?

Purchase your Badass Business Blueprint today, and you'll be taken immediately to a link to set up our initial call to thoroughly introduce me to your amazing business and the badass goals you've set for yourself - and I'll get to work right away creating the step-by-step action plan you need to make those goals a reality!

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About Jin..

Jin aka "The Business Model" is a full-time, world-traveling creative entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. Since 2012 she has built many personal, globally recognized and top Google ranking brands, focusing on both simplified social media and a positive mindset to fuel her passions.

After years of hearing from her friends and clients "Jin, you're really good at marketing yourself," and "Jin, I really hate social media," Jin decided to take it a step further, and so late 2017 Create Your Next Level was born!

Designed to empower other creative entrepreneurs with the confidence, tools, and know how to create the badass business (& life) they desire - all through simplified social media!

Jin is living proof of the CYNL mission:
"With the right tools, and the right mindset, anything is possible."

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