The πŸ”‘ To Success: Letting Go!

growth Oct 13, 2022
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Ok, now I can't stop singing "Let it Go" as I type this (somewhere I have an Elsa wig just like this...) but I promise it will be worth it when I explain how powerful this is to creating your next level!

Here's the thing - while most people think DOING MORE is the key to their Success, they often overlook the equally important act of Letting Go.

This isn't just about the woo woo of letting go of control, detaching from outcomes, and opening yourself up to The Universe to bring you Abundance in infinite and completely unforeseeable ways - although that's all really good stuff too!

But my formula for Success is 3 Steps:
Create Clarity. Fuel Focus. Realize Results.

And when it comes to time to get hyper-focused on what you need to be doing - and who you need to be Being - learning to Let Go is equally important!

Let go of Distractions.
Let go of Excuses.
Let go of Limiting Beliefs, Doubt, Fear, Self-Sabotage, & Habits that keep you from creating that Next Level version of you.

As I type this I'm once again visiting family in the PNW and (even though it's still way too friggen hot out for October) the Autumn season is finally here which means the ground is littered with gorgeous orange, red, and yellow leaves...

The trees are aware of the importance of seasons; they know in order to Grow they also have to Let Go - How about you?

What are you letting go of so that you can create your next level?

Looking for help Creating Clarity so you can figure out what needs to go? The Badass Freebies Library is officially open and an awesome place to start! Plus opportunities to work directly with me are starting again in January 2023... Stay tuned!

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