From Worldwide Model to Badass Brand & Social Media Expert

modeling ssmac Sep 30, 2022

Growing Up My Dream Was to One Day Look Good in Photos… Like, REALLY Good. I never knew though that the path of becoming a model would turn me into so much more than just a pretty face….

So there's a chance you've encountered my worldwide modeling journey as Jin N Tonic which also began in 2012, but Create Your Next Level my other brand “Jin The Business Model” started in 2018. What I love so much about this other side of me is that I didn't just learn marketing to teach marketers how to market themselves in order to teach other marketers marketing... 🫣🤢

(Aren’t you SICK of seeing that??)

Building a worldwide badass brand kind of happened by accident - I didn't know at the time that following my dream of traveling the world and making my living as a professional model since 2012 was also me - becoming an expert in sales, email lists, web funnels, lead gen, copywriting, content creation, SEO, web design, graphic design, personal branding, networking, online marketing and so much more..

I was just out there following my dreams!

But after years of being told "Jin, you're so good at marketing yourself!" and "Jin, I just really f*cking hate social media!" it started to click with me..

Not only am I meant to create the badass life and biz I desire.. but I have the skills to help others do the same - And doing so lights me TF up!!!

How can I help create YOUR next level?

The Simplified Social Media Accountability Community opens tomorrow 10/1 and I’ll be offering monthly Education+Motivation+Collaboration with other badass dream chasers (and me!) for a price considerate of even the most starving-of-artists.

We're kicking things off with a livestream tomorrow at 2pm PST - check out the link and save even more with early bird pricing plus opportunities to receive free membership!

Come Join The SSMAC Community and Get Ready to Kick Some A$$!

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