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comfort zone growth mindset Jun 06, 2022
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“Sometimes when you're in a dark place you think you've been buried, but you've actually been planted.” - @ChristineCaine

For the love of yourself and your business and all the dreams you've yet to actualize, you have to get real real comfortable with Growth. Which as we all know, *only happens outside of our damned Comfort Zone.*

There is nothing else that your badass biz will ever require more of.

It is only through challenge, hardship, and adversity that we become Stronger. That's called evolution, baby and it's necessary at every level.

Because the Rich version of you can't exist within a Broke framework. The Free version of you can't manifest if you're not yet willing or able to break free of your present mental jail-cell bars.

And just like going to the gym to grow stronger muscles, *it's gonna hurt.*

The challenges you go through are necessary to expand you in to the Next Level version of you. The version of you that is better equipped - physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally - to handle the life you're dreaming of, and we can't possibly get there without the pains of Growth.

All of which is another way of saying...

if you've got big dreams and are resolved in your decision to make them a reality, hang on to your sh!t. It's about to get cray.

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