The Secret to Igniting Your Motivation

Sep 25, 2022

Ok so actually this title might be a little misleading..

Because nothing outside of you can actually CAUSE your motivation, it can only ever come from within you!

That said, let's talk about the things we do that do in fact  deplete our Motivation Tanks:

  • Spinning our wheels.
  • Staying stuck in Comparison.
  • Chasing shiny new objects (or marketing strategies).
  • Bottling it all up.
  • Prioritizing Busy Work.
  • Self-blaming and self-shaming.
  • Idealizing the 24/7 Hustle Life.
  • Going it alone.
  • Settling for mediocrity.

Does any of this ring true for you? 

The fact is that when we commit ourselves to constantly push and strive and try harder and  then call that "Staying Motivated," what we're actually doing is pushing ourselves in to burn out.

Our true motivation comes from inside of us and we ignite it not through working harder, but by being still, resting, and allowing the dust to settle so we can get back in touch with the foundational ROOT behind why we want to do what we do in the first place.

Your Badass Dreams still shine deep in the core of you, underneath endless layers of "should do's" and "they have's" and "if only I could"s.

So the Secret then to truly Igniting Your Inner Motivation looks like:

  • Knowing anything possible for others is possible for you too.
  • Remembering that no two people are alike, and neither are any two badass journeys through this crazy thing called life.
  • Committing ourselves to seeing things through, and knowing what matters most is who we are and why we want to do what we do, not the "next secret strategy."
  • Getting outside of your own head. 99% of today's thoughts you had on repeat yesterday too. Time to let them rest!
  • Getting clear on priorities and becoming super emotionally attached to the impact accomplishing these things will have on your life.
  • Being your own best friend and biggest cheerleader, always there to celebrate all the hard work you do!
  • Taking time for rests and resets because your dreams can't get through if the phone line is busy just for the sake of busy.
  • Surrounding yourself with incredible fellow badasses who both support and inspire you!
  • Remembering that anything is possible, and dreams never come true unless you believe in them and in yourself too!

Now how's that for MOTIVATING??

I hope I've lit a fire under your butt, because I believe in you! And for all these reasons and more I am opening The Simplified Social Media Accountability Community on October 1st to bring together badasses just like you, so that we can all continue to ignite our motivation in making those badass dreams come true - Together!

Join before 10/1 to lock in your lifetime early bird pricing. Either way I can't wait to see the ignited, truly motivated you!

Jin #TheBusinessModel

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