What's Possible with A Foundation of FREEDOM

freedom Nov 11, 2022

Ok, so I'll admit it..

Last week when the photographer pulled out an American Flag for some "classic" nude images, I held back on rolling my eyes. It seemed a little cheesy and cliche, and perhaps not the most honorable way to celebrate our heroes on Veteran's Day. 

But then again... There I was in this gorgeous sunlit studio in Brooklyn, within viewing distance of the Statue of Liberty, visiting a friend and her family after the passing of her father, after 10 years of traveling the world, making my own schedule, and intentionally building a life that allows me to work and create how and where and when I want to, and I had to really embrace all the ways I truly am FREE.

And not just in the wonderful ways of speech, education, and women's rights I am privileged with in the U.S.A., but in all the ways I have intentionally created a Foundation of Freedom in my life, my mind, and my business too.

Abraham Hicks often says that we are so free we can choose bondage - and as someone who has spent considerable time, money, and energy breaking free of not just life as a victim, but the subsequent victim mentality - I can certainly say that this is true.

So I am embracing these images (which really did turn out lovely) and calling them "Lady Liberty" in celebration of all the ways I have declared myself free, and all the ways in which I empower others to do the same! Not just by leading through example, but by openly sharing my experience, knowledge, and tools that I put so much hard work in to, to help you go out and achieve your own unique version of success too!

I really do believe that with the right tools and the right mindset anything is possible, and it's a belief that I made and share freely.

What does having a foundation of freedom look like to you? 

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