Why Getting Over Your BS Around Money is Important to Your Social Media Marketing!

mindset money Aug 15, 2022

Let's start the week right talking about a subject that for some reason is very taboo....


If you've been following me for a while you know that I don’t just teach simplified social media, I teach you the MINDSET of Marketing; and the simple fact is you wouldn’t be marketing yourself online for any other reason except you’d like to MAKE MONEY.

You WANT to be PAID for the badass skills, value, and business that you offer to others. Right??

But again and again I see so many out there that are UNCOMFORTABLE talking about MONEY. And because I love you I have to tell you..

Whatever BULLSH!T beliefs you got about money… Get over it!!

You will NEVER achieve those badass dreams until you do! And even something as simple as how you're showing up on Instagram is going to be ineffective until you deal with the underlying BS you have around being paid for what you do.

The Real Truth About Money Is:

  • Your time and talents are worthy of exchange.
  • There is nothing icky about asking for the sale.
  • You deserve to be compensated for what you give to others.
  • The more money you have, the more good you can do for the world around you.
  • Money is an infinite resource (they literally print more every day, and most money exchanges now are digital anyway).
  • Money is able to flow to you in infinite ways - so stop blocking it by limiting what you believe to be possible!

So know your worth and fall in love with loving money!

And if you need it here are a couple of my Money Beliefs (not affirmations, BELIEFS) that you are welcome to borrow:

💰 The more FUN I have the more money FLOWS to me!

💸 The more I take care of my FAMILY, the more The Universe takes care of ME!

🤑 I LOVE money and money LOVES me.

That last one is especially fun👆 as I’ve got my niece and nephews saying it with me all the time now, and guess what? You’ve never seen kids find so much random spare change in your life lol. (Start em young, so they don’t have to undo this BS later!)

Now what are you doing this week to allow MO’ MONEY into your life??

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