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Get Ready to Simplify Your Social Media, Increase Your Sales, and Master Your Mindset & Marketing Inside the 12-Part Ready Set Badass Masterclass Series!

Mindset & Marketing Mastery + Coaching Program with Jin!

Are you ready to leave behind the overwhelm of wasted hours, high stress, and low results of your social media?
You deserve to get your life back, build your business, and watch your impact grow - all in less time, with less frustration, less stress, and better results! It's so easy to feel exhausted by the ever expanding world of social media!

Lost in a sea of online marketing that is constantly changing, fighting upstream against the self-serving objection of The Algorithm.

Lost among the oversaturation of competitors offering similar services, products and results.

Lost in your quest to create a badass business that enables your chosen lifestyle, not consumes it.

 Are you ready to set goals, define your own version of Success, and live the life you’re dreaming of? 
There’s no end to the blogs, videos, and webinars out there on how to grow your Instagram to millions, or how to get rich quick on twitter - but you don’t need any more tips, tricks, or hackswhat you need is a strong foundation, a personalized plan of action, and professional guidance and easy to comprehend education to keep you committed and capable of achieving your goals, no matter how big!

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Here's What's Included When You Sign Up For the LIVE 12 Part Ready, Set, Badass Series!

  • This 12 Part Masterclass Series happens LIVE online each month starting January 30th, 2023.
  • Monthly Mindset and Marketing Masterclasses with Jin for an affordable monthly price - way less than a DYI course (and a lot more fun too)!
  • 12 Monthly Workbooks designed to outline the specific action steps you need to take as part of your own personal Strategy for Success - with help and guidance from me of course (you'll never leave unsure of what you need to do to succeed!).
  • Ongoing weekly Motivation and Q&A livestreams with Jin in a supportive group setting - offering consultation, feedback, and support at a fraction of the cost of group or private coaching.
  • Instant access to all available, recorded masterclasses if joining after January!
  • 12 MONTHS access to The Simplified Social Media Accountability Community which gives you instant Education+Motivation+Collaboration along with ADDITIONAL monthly masterclasses (that's 2x/month) along with roundtable feedback on your badass biz from community members just like you.
  • Affordable Foundational Transformation! This program is available for a low monthly price!
  • Lifetime access to this and all future iterations of the Ready Set Badass recordings!
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Here's What Previous RSB Students Think About Working with Jin to Create the Next Level for their Badass Life & Biz:

Ready Set Badass 2.0 Starts January! Join Now!
We all have busy lives and even though there’s tons of information out there on the internet, you're waiting until you've got your life ‘more figured out’ before diving in..
But here’s the thing:
"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change." - Jim Rohn
The time only exists if and when you decide something is important enough to make the time for it.
Think about every time something urgent has come up - like a friend who is sick and needs help, or discovering a deadline is sooner than you'd thought, or having to get your car out of car-jail after you 'didn't have the time' to park it properly.
The truth is the time was always there, but only you get to decide how you spend it. 
And I for one know that you deserve to be spending your time now, in a way that creates the foundational Systems of Success in your life and biz.
You deserve to spend your time acquiring the knowledge and receiving the support that is going to save you countless hours in the future; Hours you'll be able to prioritize to bigger & better (& funner!) things.
Stop struggling with social media.
  • Break free of the Overwhelm and Stagnation.
  • Stop doing the same things and expecting different results.
  • Invest in yourself, and gain the Confidence and Skillz you need to rock your marketing like a badass 😉🤘
At the end of these 12 masterclasses together you’ll not only have completely transformed your online presence, but also have built a solid foundation for your badass biz.
Achieving your personal definition of Success will never be easy, but it can be SIMPLE:
Create Clarity around your goals, Fuel Focus in the action steps and the beliefs needing to step in to the next level version of you, and finally put yourself on the path to Realizing the Results you deserve.


Are you ready to create the badass business (& life!) that you’ve been dreaming of? 


I can’t wait to help you do just that!

Ready Set Badass 2.0 is Here! Join Now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

One size does NOT fit all.


Joining Ready Set Badass 2.0 allows you to define and create the unique action plan to creating your own version of Success!


You’ll be working directly with world-traveling entrepreneur, social media guru, business consultant & success coach Jin (that’s me!) in this 12 part Ready Set Badass Masterclass Series & online membership to The Simplified Social Media Accountability Community to ensure that you get what you need most out of this opportunity.


And to dive even deeper you'll also get weekly coaching livestreams and additional monthly masterclasses with me!


Are you ready to define, find, & live your own version of Success and build a foundation for Unlimited Growth?


Start Your Own Badass Journey inside RSB 2.0!
Get Inside Ready, Set, Badass!

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Ready Set Badass is a 12 part masterclass series including 12 monthly live video trainings starting January 2023 & next level workbooks, 12 months access in to the private 24/7 SSMAC community, additional weekly livestreams for coaching, motivation, and Q&A with Jin, plus lifetime access to all included materials.


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