Welcome to the 12 week, foundation building, ground breaking, ass kicking program you’ve been looking for to simplify your social media, transform your life, and create the badass business (& life!) you desire!


It all starts October 1st...

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Are you ready to leave behind the overwhelm of wasted hours, high stress, and low results with your social media?

You deserve to get your life back, build your business, and watch your impact grow - all in less time, less frustration, less stress. It's so easy to feel lost in the ever expanding world of social media; Lost amid a sea of online marketing that is changing every day, lost among the noise of competitors offering similar results, and lost in our quest to create a business that enables our chosen lifestyle, not consumes it.

Are you ready to set goals, define your own success, and live the life you’re dreaming of? 

There’s no end to the blogs, videos, and webinars out there on how to grow your Instagram to millions, or how to get rich quick on twitter - but you don’t need any more tips, tricks, or hackswhat you need is a strong foundation, a personalized plan of action, and the one-on-one guidance to keep you committed to achieving your goals, no matter how big!

Ready Set Badass is a 12 week, business (& life!) transforming program which includes:

* 12 weekly, LIVE Video Trainings with world-traveling badass & serial entrepreneur Jin N Tonic to teach you the tools you need to simplify your social media, and GROW your badass business! 

* 12 Weekly Motivational Video Emails to keep you on track and push you to achieving your goals!

* 12 Weekly Success Workbooks designed to give you all the knowledge you need on each week's topic in one, simplified source!

* Monthly Special Guest Private Master Classes so you can speak directly to the experts and get your marketing questions answered along the way!

* Lifetime Access to ALL materials + Future Updates so that you can stay ahead of the marketing curve year after year after year!

* Access to the Private Create Your Next Level FB Group where you can ask questions, network, collaborate, and grow together!

* Plus over $500+ Worth of **BONUSES** (more on those soon!) because you are AWESOME! 

Are you looking to kick ass in 2019?

Look no further!

Rest assured that future you will be saying thank you for committing yourself to this 12 week program - And just in time for the New Year!

This Early Bird Offer Expires September 2nd!
Ready Set Badass launches Oct. 1st!

Building Your Badass Business (& Life!) is as Easy as 3 Simple Steps..

1. Create Clarity

Create Clarity around your goals, your values, your brand, and your definition of success.

2. Find Focus

Find Focus around accomplishing the tasks that will get you there, and eliminate the rest!

3. Realize Results

Realize Results by simplifying your social media & spending your time and energy where it matters most.

Prepare yourself for a whole lotta kick ass in just 12 weeks -
Let's Break it Down!

Weeks 1-4 Building Your Foundation

You can't build an empire without a strong foundation - we'll be diving in deep (together!) to build, repair, and solidify your amazing foundation so you can build the sky-high empire you desire!

Weeks 5-8 Content Creation

Blog posts, graphics, stories, videos - we'll be breaking down exactly what you need to be focused on creating (& how to simplify the entire creation process!). Are you ready to save HOURS each & every week?

Weeks 9-12 Advertising & Automation

With a strong foundation and incredible content, it's time to tell the world exactly how badass you are! We'll cover the tools you'll need to advertise like a badass - all on autopilot!

We're not just building your badass business, we're creating your badass life! This early bird offer is only available to a select few and only available until September 2nd!

Here's the 12 Week, BADASS Breakdown!

Step 1: Build Your Foundation!

Week One!


It’s week one and we'll be officially digging deep into the how, what, and WHY of your business, not to mention the when and where of the direction you'd like to go! These first steps are so vital in setting yourself up for success and, most importantly, simplifying the rest of your business down the line! 

* Live Training:

Course Introduction, Success Mindset, & Setting your BADASS Goals!

Week Two!


What do you think of if I say Nike? Or Coca-Cola? Or Apple? No doubt you have immediate words & images that pop up at the mention of each of these brands - and that is exactly the kind of clear branding foundation we want to build for you! We’re going beyond fonts & colors, and building you a brand poised to blow up. By Building Your Brand you'll have a clear direction on how to visually represent and accurately market your BADASS business!

*  Live Training: 

Building Your BADASS Brand!

Week Three!


We’re not done setting you up for success yet! You now have the badass brandto make an impact and see those dollars piling up in your bank account - and the more clearly you identify your Ideal Client, the simpler it is to bring your badass-ness right to their digital doorstep. The more you know your Ideal Client, the easier it is to market to them, and the better your marketing, the higher your sales will be. And that’s really what we’re after, right? Because your goods do no good marketed to the wrong people.

Live Training:

Define (& Find!) your Ideal Client!

Week Four!


I’m going to say something that you’re likely not going to believe: Social media is NOT necessary to a successful business! With the right knowledge and approach, social media is an incredibly useful, and absolutely optional tool to helping you build your business. Realizing results is not about being on ALL the platforms (that’s overwhelm!), it’s about being on the RIGHT platforms (that’s simplification!). We'll be breaking down each platform one at a time, and using your newly defined Goals, Brand, and Ideal Client, we can simply identify the best social media platforms for you and, more importantly, pinpoint where you need to stop wasting your time.

Live Training:

Social Media 101: Platform Breakdown & Finding the Right Ones for You!

The Three C’s of Social Media Success ebook AND bonus "Social Media Badass" mini course!

($99 value!)

Step 2: Content Creation!

Week Five!


This question is a biggie - Do I need a website? And if so, where? The answer is yes, probably, maybe - and there are many more options than you may realize! In this week’s training we’ll discuss the reasons behind having a website, discover if it makes sense for you, and go over the tools available to make you a badass wesite, no matter your budget. We’ll also go over some simple ways to take your existing website from drab to fab, AOL to 21st century, insignificant to totally badass!

Live Training:

How (& Where!) to Build A Website

Successful Crowdfunding & Patreon Mini Course

($99 value!)


Week Six!


Let’s face it, most of us weren’t English majors (my BA was in World Studies & Business!), but we all realize the power that our words (or "copy") have on our potential customers. The right web copy has the ability to set you apart, sell your products, and even make you famous! Writing lame copy can be equally powerful - in the wrong direction! This week we’ll discuss the simple and effective writing rules that can transform your copy from snooze city to New York best seller


Live Training:

Web Copy That Works for You!

Week Seven!


It’s true, that content is not only king (or QUEEN *ahem*) - but it also takes work! Lucky for you, with the work we’ve done defining your brand, your client, and your best platforms, you’re well on your way to taking the stress out of content creation. I’ll show you how to create new content fast, repurpose old content efficiently, and automate the whole process. We’re simplifying your social media, remember?

Live Training:

Content Myths, Creation, Repurposing, & Automating!

Instagram Master Class - Canva, Later, & IG Training

($99 Value!)


Week Eight!


No doubt you’ve already noticed - Video is every where! Getting yourself in front of the camera is the fastest way to build your authority in the online space. It’s also the best way to transform your business from monetizing your time, to monetizing your knowledge. With the exponentially growing market for video content, it’s time to get over your camera shyness - and who better to teach you than a world-traveling, full-time Actor, Model, Badass? Trust me, it’s really not as scary as you may think! We’ll go over everything from live videos, webinars, presentations, & more!

*  Live Training:

Video Content Types, Tools, & Creation!

***Plus a Secret Prize Challenge!***

 Camera Shy No' More LIVE Video Crash Course

($99 Value!)

Step 3: Advertising & Automation!

Week Nine!


The biggest key to simplifying your social media, is shifting our focus from Quantity to Quality. And this couldn't be more true when it comes to building your business through one of the - still! - most effective avenues for marketing: Your Email List. We all hate being spammed in our inboxes, and yet we all wish to connect with our audience. Creating valuable, personable, and quality emails is your best bet to keep your subscribers - subscribed! We’ll talk about the still viable power of email marketing, the type of content you could (and should) be creating, and, of course!, the best tools to simplify the whole process.

*  Live Training:

Email Marketing & Automation

Week Ten!


Ready to take your social media marketing to the next level? Of course you are! Creating high value, free content is not only a really nice thing to do - it’s great marketing! Utilizing freebies is a fast and effective way to grow your email list and more directly let the world know what you have to offer. These “freebies” are like the free taste they give at ice cream places: a sweet way to offer value while keeping your customers coming back for more! We'll talk all about how to make your sample tastes irresistible, as well as the simple Freebie Funnel you can set up to watch your list grow on autopilot!

*  Live Training:

Fabulous Freebies: Grow Your Email List!

***Plus a Secret Prize Challenge!***

Week Eleven!


 By this point you are a lean, mean, simplified social media machine! You’ve got a great foundation, a beautiful online home, and you are creating incredible content out the wazoo.. So let’s talk about how to take your marketing to the next level! We’ll go over some of the biggest advertising tools out there: FB groups, ads, & pixel, google ads, Shopify tools, social media promotions, influencer marketing, chat bots, A/B testing and more!

*  Live Training:

All Things Advertising!

Week Twelve!


You did it!! And I am already so $*#@ing proud of you!! In this week we’ll be reassessing your goals and revisiting all the actions you’ve taken in the last three months (Time really flies!). Your social media, time management, and business systems should be unrecognizable, and you should be waking up each day with a clear picture of the tasks you need to accomplish in order to keep kicking ass and turning your dreams into a reality! We’ll take this time to make any adjustments based off your new knowledge and outlook, and we'll be meeting one last time to go revisit any requested previous or new topics. This week is all about you! And get your cap and gown ready, because it’s graduation time!
Whether you continue on with the CYNL team, or are ready to fly on your own, I know you’re going to soar! You officially have the tools, the plan, and the ability to create the badass business (& life!) you desire!

*  Live Training:

Implementing New Tools for Lasting Change!

12 Weeks to Simplify Your Social Media & Transform Your Life is Starting October 1st!

We all have busy lives, we all know there’s tons of information out there on the internet, we all know that there will be other programs at other times when you’ve got your life ‘more figured out’ ..
But here’s the thing:

"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change." - Jim Rohn

The time to change only exists if and when you decide to make the time. Think about all the time you suddenly find when there's something urgent that needs done, like a sick friend or an important new project, or getting your car out of repo after you 'didn't have the time' to park it properly. Time is there all along, but only you get to chose how you spend it. 
You deserve to spend the time now, putting the systems in place, acquiring the knowledge, and doing the groundwork, that is going to save you countless hours in the future, and build you the life of freedom and personally-defined success that you desire!
Imagine the hours you'll have each and every week to be able to prioritize to bigger & better things after completing this course.

Stop struggling with social media.

At the end of these 12 weeks together you’ll have completely transformed your online presence, built a solid foundation for your business, Created Clarity around your goals, Found Focus in your work, and acquired the tools, knowledge, and encouragement to Realize the Results you deserve.


Are you ready to create the badass business (& life!) that you’ve been dreaming of? 


I can’t wait to help you do just that!


Join Now! This Early Bird Special (with a savings of $500 and up!) expires on September 2nd!

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Meet Jin!


I'm Jin, known as Jin N Tonic, and I've spent the last 7 years as an LA-based, world-traveling, full-time Actor - Model - Badass. I have been "taking over the world one camera lens at a time” since 2011, and am known for my diversity, professionalism, & crazy good marketing savvy.
Over the past 7 years and I have grown (through hard work, trial and error, and countless courses and personal study) my social media presence, so that I can speak to worldwide audience on issues of body positivity, freedom of expression, and social, economic, & environmental justice.
My life as a full-time traveling model was recently captured in a15 episode documentary webseries following a three month, worldwide tour in the summer of 2017, none of which would have been possible without my thousands of amazing supporters, harnessed through the power of Social Media.
Six years of life on the road as a freelance model has taught me the value of personal branding, social media as a marketing tool, & being a true professional, dammit. I now absolutely LOVE taking these hard earned tools and teaching them to empower others to get out of their own way, blast off in the online space, and create the badass business (& life!) that you desire.
It is my goal to take the “need” out of social media & help my clients achieve their own definition of success through simplified social media.
I'm happily based in Los Angeles, California, with my darling husband and our fiesty kitty Miss CiCi. You will often hear me mention my view of the Hollywood sign from my home office window, a true dream come true that inspires me every day.
I spend my free time constantly learning on all things entrepreneurship, creating new content for my modeling, retail, and social media businesses, & watching “My Little Ponies.”
Now that you know me, I'd love to get to know you -

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"A pleasure to work with. A true professional that works hard and made the session ROCK! Great communications in planning, organizing.. Very impressed with response time and being able to communicate ideas."

- David Lai

"If you get the chance to work with Jin, take it, you will not be disappointed. She is professional, exciting, vibrant, and was an absolute blast to work with."

- Darrell Graves

"I loved talking with [Jin]. You were so helpful and explained things to where I understood it."

- Angela D Marrufo of Angie’s Nails

"Jin is an absolute force of nature and a truly phenomenal person to work with… You definitely want to work with her!"

- Charles W.

"Wonderful to work with! Very fun and professional. Would work with her again in a heartbeat."

- RJB photo

"...not to be redundant but you really were terrific... you really do have the right to call yourself badass!!!"

- Deborah Conners

"What can I say, Jin is the absolute best and I am so happy whenever we work together."

- Dave Doeppel

"Jin is superfantastic. She's quirky, fun and a straight up bad ass"

- Davian J



What if I miss a weekly live training?
Not a problem! All live trainings are recorded each week, and replays are made available - fo' life! Ready Set Badass beta members will have lifetime access to all twelve recorded sessions, in addition to all bonus materials, workbooks, and other included trainings and tools.
What time commitment should I expect from this program?
Each weekly live session ranges from 45-60 jam-packed, impactful, badass minutes. I know! That's NOTHING! Each week's lesson does include weekly homework, as well hefty weekly success books and access to the private community, but it is up to you how much time you will commit to these resources. This is your badass business we’re building, and the more you put in, the more you will get out! If you plan on committing two hours each week to this course though (again, that's IT!! TWO HOURS!!) I know you will be setting yourself up to succeed!
Will I be able to ask Jin questions outside of the live videos?
Absolutely! This is exactly why I have created a private community, where we can share our daily wins and struggles, and I can provide great advice and tools for you to go out and keep kicking ass!
Will this program be available again?
Yes and NO. The Ready Set Badass! program will continue to be launched every quarter, and with each new launch and each completed, 12 week 'round,' the course will evolve, improve, and GROW - not just in content, but in PRICE. This special offer is unlikely to be repeated, so now is the BEST time to get aboard the badass train!
What about working one-on-one with Jin?
That would be amazing! Each round of Ready Set Badass I accept only FIVE one-on-one clients. You'll see the pricing info (available again at quite the discounted rate!) on the next page. Working together throughout this course is an incredible way to make sure that you are getting exactly the catered tools and encouragement you need to truly simplify your social media and transform your life! All calls with me are done through video and recorded, and include weekly follow up notes so that you can implement your personal plan of action!
What if I’m just not ready to commit?
I’m sorry to hear that! I truly believe that you deserve to create the badass business (& live the badass life!) you desire, and I know this 12 weeks is an investment in yourself that will give you the tools and knowledge you need to doing just that. I of course wish you all the best and hope to still provide valuable content for you now and in the future. Your feedback on creating better offers that are more applicable to you is always welcome!
Is there a refund policy?
Absolutely. If at the end of the twelve weeks you have completed all videos and course work and do not feel that I have helped you to simplify your social media, boost your online presence, and given you the tools, knowledge, & encouragement to create the badass business (& life!) that you desire -you will receive a 100% refund of all monies paid.


Ready Set Badass is a 12 week program including 12 weekly live video trainings, workbooks, and more, plus bonus mini courses on The Three C's of Social Media, Crowdfunding & Patreon Success, & extra goodies such as monthly Special Guest Master Classes and a private, 24/7 Facebook community, all with lifetime access to all included materials.

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