Social Media Management - The Basics

"The Basics" level is anything but! We're here to see that your social media is an effective and profitable reflection of you and your badass biz!

Create Brand Visibility and Consistent Growth through daily posting and engagement! Social Media Management for one account at "The Basics" level includes:

*Monthly Social Media Management for ONE platform. (We go date to date, meaning if you start on the 8th, your month ends on the 8th).

*Platform optimization, including bio creation, brand development, and link creation as well as website/store connection as applicable.

*Content forwarding to connected accounts as available (ex: posts on Instagram are forwarded to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr pages etc).

*Daily posts and shares on chosen platform with client provided content as well as targeted resharing options averaging 12 posts a week.

*Personal response from your trained social media manager to all comments, likes, shares, and direct messages on chosen platform.

*5x week account boost through story posts, including attached link promotion as available, and ongoing story highlights creation, optimization, and management where applicable. 

*5x week additional engagement boost and follower recruitment (community is a two way street!) with brand defined ideal clients using Jin's proven "3-2-1 Approach" as well as top Instagram strategies for growth. 

*Up to 3 IGTV posts per month, includes formatting, upload, caption, sharing, posting to connected accounts as available, and in-platform promotion. 

*Constant hashtag optimization and implementation because marketing is a never ending experiment and those that stay the same are sure to plateau! We're here to see your results grow and grow, and find the hashtags that work best for you!

*Ongoing training for your personal social media manager from Jin and outside sources because there's always more to learn and we here at CYNL are constantly seeking the latest tools and information to make your social media more effective for you!

*Content creation and posting guidance as desired, because we want to empower you in your marketing. Whether you'd like to be 100% hands off, or work together in creating and posting online, we are here to help!

*Monthly Team Strategy Call with Jin and your personal Social Media Account Manager via zoom. Includes call recording & monthly analytics report, review, and breakdown, along with content planning and team strategizing for continued growth. 


Optional Add ons:
*Messenger Bots
*Content Creation
*Ad Campaign Creation/Management
*One-on-One Consulting with Jin
*Additional accounts may be added starting at $599/month each


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