Social Media BADASS : Mini Course

Are you ready to simplify your social media and start marketing like a badass - All in under an hour? Take your social media marketing from hot mess to no stress in this fast and fun mini course by Jin at Create Your Next Level. 


This short five video lesson mini course will help you to:

* Simplify Your Social Media

* Build Your Brand & Strengthen Your Business Foundation

* Create an Engaged Audience - on ANY Platform.

You'll also get a copy of "The Three C's of Social Media Success" ebook which Jin will dive into deeper throughout these video lessons.

Some of the tools you'll learn in this mini-course include:

* How to efficiently create the best content possible

*  Stay consistent in your marketing & put posting on auto-drive

* The 3-2-1 Approach of creating an engaged audience

* And much, much more! 

Start marketing like a badass, get started in this mini course!

I'll see you there!



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